The videos below were produced with a Flip camera and either Movie Maker or iMovie. Obviously not a high-end product, but alright for most of what I need video for.  Many of these videos were featured on professional newspaper websites or student publications.

First up is a video I produced for MIRS on a protest. It was a Flip/iMovie production:

Detroit and agriculture are both interests of mine, and I was excited to make this video about their intersection.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

This video is actually an audio slideshow I produced with a Canon DSLR and a Marantz audio recorder. It covers an event put on by the college I work for.

This is my most recent video for Lansing Online News, about a woodfire kiln.

This video is part of a series I did called “Make Mine Michigan.” I ate only Michigan-grown foods for a week, and made a video about it for Lansing Online News every day. What follows is day two of my video adventures, in which (spoiler alert) I did fillet a fish.

This was a video I made for a project MSU was doing to introduce new students to campus. I think the project died and I was the only one who made a video. But it does explain student government pretty well:

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