I am a capitol reporter with MLive, Michigan’s biggest and best news source. My stories appear online as well as in eight newspapers. Some of my favorite coverage areas are energy policy, criminal justice and political accountability.

I’m well-versed in audio and video production, but strongly believe that at the core of every good story is a good writer. I’m a¬†full-time reporter but still work on multiple projects, and hope to continue producing across multiple platforms. Below is a sampling of what I’ve done so far.





One thought on “My Work

  1. Hi Emily,

    This is Johann Park, your DP teacher at MSU.
    Now I am in Univ. of California-Merced.
    I miss MSU a lot.
    I just came across your site while I was trying to find a paper through Google.

    Your site is really nice. I wish I can have a personal site like this.

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

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