Majors: Journalism, Interdisciplinary Studies in Public Policy

Minors & Specializations: Religious Studies, Political Science, American Institutions

I have a lot of add-ons to my degree because I’m interested in a lot of things. More importantly, I’m interested in writing about a lot of things.

Entering college in a post 9/11 world, I knew the importance of understanding a wide variety of religions for accurate reporting and appropriate interviewing. Since that first religion class it’s really become a passion of mine, and I look forward to learning the ins and outs of a different religion every semester. I also embrace the multiculturalism that comes along with this. In a graduate level journalism course I took, I helped compile a booklet of “101 Things Journalists Should Know about Reporting on Immigrants” with my knowledge of religious diversity.

As for the politics, I’ve always loved them. Color me a Newsweek subscriber since high school (although now I have the paid iPhone app). I’ve been reporting on public affairs and happenings at the state capitol for over a year now with insider newsletter Michigan Information and Research Service (MIRS), and have also helped produce podcasts on political matters for that organization.

I graduated in 2011, and have been working with MIRS in various capacities since then.

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  1. Please consider talking with our AP American Government and Politics Students on the symbiotic relationship between media and politician. We would love to see you at SCHS! You are an inspiration!

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