A really long bike ride

10 days, to be exact.

My new, lean, mean machine.

I’m taking my new road bike on its first super long spin. The general trajectory is “north,” and my friend Kevin and I are doing a completely carbon-free vacation over the next couple of weeks. We’re staying at a weird mix of campgrounds, couch surfing, friends’ houses, and the homes of fellow bicycling enthusiasts. I’m SO EXCITED, in addition to nervous. Kevin knows a lot more about bikes than I do, so we’re banking on his fixing-a-flat skills. My padded bike shorts and I are ready to roll.

Our bikes are spooning safely in my car until tomorrow's journey.

Thanks to the MIRS Crew for encouraging me to take some time off before becoming a full-time newspaperwoman. I was going to go the Europe/backpacking route, but there’s not really much that I love more than this great state. America’s high-five. You know. Another special thanks goes to the Stancil family for agreeing to put us up for our first night on the road! I feel so much better knowing there’s a hot shower on the other end of the first 70 mile leg.

Check here for updates, and of course leave any words of encouragement you may have for me or my rain-soaked gear and super-sore butt. Also, if you happen to live anywhere along the north/west parts of the state, we’d love any offers to camp in your back yard! In exchange we’ll bring you stories from the road and some pretty good company.

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