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Apple TV, A Love Story

Apple TV, A Love Story

Apple products. Every time I get a new one, it changes my life and my credit card statement. This week? Apple TV.

Now, my boyfriend has had an Apple TV for a while. I’ve used it, thought “cool,” and then just assumed I couldn’t afford one, because somehow every time I walk into an Apple store my wallet is simultaneously ravaged. It’s a weird trend, but I try to keep in mind that correlation doesn’t mean causation.

Anyway, we were talking about it, and he happened to mention that it was only $100. Shit man, in Emily language that’s one trip to (Macy’s/Express/The Limited/Gap/Meijer). So I swore off the mall and got this little hockey puck type thing from Best Buy. In the picture, it’s that tiny black box next to the TV. That’s it.

But it’s so much more than a little black box, and so far I’ve used it for movies and music. If you’re a cheap ass like me, maybe you didn’t buy cable, and just subscribed to Netflix instead. And you have this decent flatscreen that sits around collecting dust and playing the three DVDs you own whenever friends are over and bored. Problem solved! Stream your Netflix or whatever iTunes crap you end up buying.

Now, there are devices that do this for half the money. But one thing I love about Apple products is how well they all integrate, so I always end up ponying up the extra cash.

This was a case in point. On the aforementioned devices you can stream Pandora… big whoop. Have fun with those commercials. The Apple TV streams music from anybody’s iphone through my TV speakers. I happened to have a small party shortly after purchasing this beauty and it was awesome, becuase I never felt guilty about not having the jam someone wanted. We took turns DJing from our iPhones, and the music mix was better than my library alone or a Pandora station could have produced.

Anyway, folks, I think this is one Apple product that is amazing for the price. If you’re in the market, make sure you do your research, because you could already have a device that’s capable of streaming movies and music. Newer TVs have Wi-Fi included sometimes, and many gaming consoles are capable of performing this function. But if you’re stuck a little bit in the past like I was, it’s a great option.

I know it’s cliche, but I’ve fallen just a little bit deeper down the Apple rabbit hole.