In Defense of The Journalism Degree

The Journalism degree is under attack. The Daily Beast ranked the number one most useless degree. The University of Colorado closed its Journalism school this year. Huffington Post Columnist Richard Sine compares graduate journalism degrees to majoring in blacksmithing or bloodletting. For me, journalism was the right thing to do, and I landed a job right out[…]

Day 10 – Lessons Learned

This post could alternately be titled “large-scale policy reccomendations being sent to naught but the blogoshepere.” After biking nearly 500 miles in Michigan (disclosure: we got rained/tornadowarninged/thunderstormed out of the race and quit in St. John) there a a few things I’d like to see changed. 1) Driver’s attitudes. I think it’s appalling how many people honk[…]