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Spring break(s)

Spring break(s)

My confession of late boils down to one word: senioritis.

Kathy feeds a bird-friend we made via ricecake.

I haven’t been medically diagnosed, but the hypochondriac inside of me knows it’s in full force. As evidenced by the fact that I’m taking two spring breaks. I’m taking a week off in April to go to St. Maarten with my family. Hey, I’ve never been, it’s probably the last vacation my parents are paying for, and IT’S AN ISLAND. Please. How am I supposed to stay with a bunch of professors over that kind of option?

Ok, so the only friend I made was a dead buffalo...

Speaking of which, the majority of my professors this semester are pretty damn boring. But I want to make a special exception for Johann Park, a Korean transplant with so much spunk that I actually look forward to his class. He gets so excited about things like Kantian peace, democratic peace theory and audience costs that it’s infectious.

Anyway, I think what I’m really cut out for is laying in the sun every day. I’ll be practicing this on spring break #2 — and you may notice these are pictures from #1. Plus I have room for improvement; during #1 I had hardcore food poisoning.