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Oh-SNOW, no school!

Oh-SNOW, no school!

My roommates and I had a celebratory snow fight, but it wasn't good packing snow.

I love everything about Michigan, including the snow. As much as trudging through it for three miles to get to class isn’t fun, it’s a good workout. And as much as scraping snow off your car isn’t awesome, my dad always said it built character.

So our supposed “blizzard” was about 15 inches of awesome. I know I’ve had school when it’s snowed this much before, but MSU cancelled school for the first time in forever. I remember my freshman year when it was -7 degrees (I think more than -20 with windchill) and I still trekked to class. All the other colleges cancelled, but MSU doesn’t roll that way.

But today I was ok with getting out of my 8:30 a.m. class that’s two miles away. Last night was full of puns and celebration. My favorite?

Me: (Sigh) I hope this FLURRY of activity hasn’t negatively affected the SNOW-zone layer.

Meg: (laughing) That was terrible.

Me: You’re welcome.