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The dirty kind of ride

The dirty kind of ride

I like biking. Probably more than most people like biking. I like biking for exercise, I like commuting on a bike, I like biking just for the scenery and I like talking about bikes. Which is why when The Duchess (my 1968 Raleigh all-steel three gear internal speed) was brutally snatched from my bike rack in the middle of the night, I mourned her loss.

When I got home for winter break, one of my first thoughts was “thank God, we have bikes there.” That was apparently nobody else’s thought with the temperature hovering around 25 and the dirt road we live on at peak slush point. But I knew my Uncle Eric would be up for the challenge, and when I called he came over to ride the six miles around Stoney Creek Metropark with me (which, with the commute to and fro, ends up being a nice 10 mile ride).

As this picture crudely demonstrates (courtesy of my sister’s phone photo) I was COVERED in road dirt. I hadn’t ridden a mountain bike in a while, but I was getting mud from all angles. I forgot how messy biking could be without a cushy chain guard and fender setup. While I love a good ride, this was a bike ride that quickly turned into a load of laundry and a hot shower. Mainly because my mom wouldn’t let me sit on any of her furniture. Warning: results not typical. Approach dirt roads with caution, ye winter cyclists!

How one small ulcer changed my exam habits

How one small ulcer changed my exam habits

Ah, exam week. Campus smells like coffee, illegally obtained Adderall and desperation.It was spring semester my sophomore year that put exams into perspective for me.

As usual, I had taken all of exam week to study, squeeze in some extra hours at work and worry about my impending grades. I drank multiple pots of coffee a day, and would stay in lounges for hours actually studying. I’d sworn off Facebook, talkative study partners and staring out windows. I didn’t make much time for sleeping or eating — I just took three hour naps at night.

Luckily, I had good friends that threw an alcoholic celebration when all of that stress was over. At least, I thought that was lucky — until I got home and couldn’t eat.

There was this searing pain that hit every time I ate something, and I knew that wasn’t right. So I dragged my ass to my family doctor, who is over eighty and hard of hearing.

“My stomach hurts when I eat.”



“Eh. You drink a lot of coffee?”

“Recently, yeah.”

“Eat enough?”


“Drink on an empty stomach?”


“You’ve got a damn ulcer!”

And that’s when I knew I’d been taking exams too seriously. Because if you don’t know, it takes a long time of taking pills before you eat to get rid of an ulcer, and that doesn’t necessarily stop your stomach from periodically trying to eat itself. Also, you have a higher chance of getting more ulcers. Which is why I’ve sworn off stress (and coffee) this exam week. What I’ve done over the past 15 weeks has to count for something, and a final shouldn’t make or break me or my stomach. So I’m taking it easy this week, catching up on work things, and putting my Netflix subscription to use. Heck yeah, exam week.



I went hiking with some friends from Outdoors Club, and it was a great chance to get into nature and winter at the same time. We went as training for the Purdue Outdoors Club Adventure Race (POCAR) which I personally won’t be attending. I’m an eight hours of sleep kind of girl. But that race involves hiking 50 miles through Yellowwood State Forest looking for markers, so as training we went to Sleepy Hollow State Park and did a ten-mile practice round.

I wanted to show off my NEW HD Flip camera, and thought what better way than to make a ridiculously horrible video of this event.