The President Project

I love libraries, and I don’t know a lot about presidents. Therefore, I’m embarking on a mission to read a biography of every president. This actually started when, upon realizing I had President’s Day off of work, I picked up a biography of George Washington in appreciation. I read biographies of both he and his[…]

Spring break(s)

My confession of late boils down to one word: senioritis. I haven’t been medically diagnosed, but the hypochondriac inside of me knows it’s in full force. As evidenced by the fact that I’m taking two spring breaks. I’m taking a week off in April to go to St. Maarten with my family. Hey, I’ve never[…]


I think that in journalism and in life, remaining objective is important. It’s ok to be either completely accepting, and see where everybody is coming from. And it’s ok to be a multi-biggot (a term I once read describing Hunter S. Thompson during my biography phase) because if you dislike everybody, they’re all on the[…]


I went hiking with some friends from Outdoors Club, and it was a great chance to get into nature and winter at the same time. We went as training for the Purdue Outdoors Club Adventure Race (POCAR) which I personally won’t be attending. I’m an eight hours of sleep kind of girl. But that race[…]