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Transition, elections & a new beat

In late July I left MIRS for MLive, and transitioned beats from purely Senate coverage to Capitol/Business reporting. Here’s my fancy announcing-I’m-joining story. The new beat means I cover business-related policy going through the legislature as well as statewide business trends, some local business development and issues like incentive policy and talent. Some of my[…]

My Senate Switch

After two years of covering the administration and public policy for MIRS, I’ve officially taken over the Senate beat. While I’ll miss some of the leeway to spend a lot of time on enterprise stories and delving into public policy, there are a few things I can tell I’m already going to love about the[…]

Knowing vs. Naming Your Sources

Good news: a reporter during the Olympics scored and interview with Evander Holyfield, the only five-time heavyweight champion of the world. Bad news: the reporter had no idea. It’s a quicky mash-up of people talking about how great the queen was in the opening ceremony, which I understand The Today Show isn’t holding up as[…]