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Transition, elections & a new beat

Transition, elections & a new beat

In late July I left MIRS for MLive, and transitioned beats from purely Senate coverage to Capitol/Business reporting.

Here’s my fancy announcing-I’m-joining story.

The new beat means I cover business-related policy going through the legislature as well as statewide business trends, some local business development and issues like incentive policy and talent.

Some of my favorite stories so far have been about credit card processing, possible reforms to tax increment financing and business development in the Lansing area.

I also got to do some of the election coverage I love so much this cycle — I covered the Attorney General and Secretary of State races. My “I voted” selfies will live on. I’ve got a series of election day traditions/superstitions.

emily i voted

Just for fun, I should mention a story on Michigan-themed tattoos. I got e-mails and comments from people living far away who wanted to tell me about tattoos of their home state.

Anyway, enjoying the new beat and loving the crew at MLive. Looking forward to bringing you more coverage.