The number of comments on my most recent story.

NPR eliminates comments (but I still kinda love mine)

If there is one thing┬áin my career that embodies the cliche of a love/hate relationship, it’s the comment section below my stories. National Public Radio this week announced it would discontinue its comment section, instead vowing to engage with readers through its social media channels. The numbers NPR released essentially┬áreflect a vocal minority — 0.06[…]

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Transition, elections & a new beat

In late July I left MIRS for MLive, and transitioned beats from purely Senate coverage to Capitol/Business reporting. Here’s my fancy announcing-I’m-joining story. The new beat means I cover business-related policy going through the legislature as well as statewide business trends, some local business development and issues like incentive policy and talent. Some of my[…]

My Senate Switch

After two years of covering the administration and public policy for MIRS, I’ve officially taken over the Senate beat. While I’ll miss some of the leeway to spend a lot of time on enterprise stories and delving into public policy, there are a few things I can tell I’m already going to love about the[…]